Sizing Information

The tagged size of a vintage item may not represent its true size given the washes and wear over the years. We always recommend that you check the measurements before purchasing!

We've come up with "GSL Sizes" for those who may find this easier. 

Here is how we break down GSL Sizing:

Small - up to 18" Pit to Pit and 28" in Length

Medium  - from 18" to 20" Pit to Pit and 28" to 29" in Length

Large  - from 20" to 22" Pit to Pit and 29" to 30" in Length

XL - from 22" to 24" Pit to Pit and 30" to 31" in Length

XXL - up to 24" to 26" Pit to Pit and 31" to 32" in Length

Hope that helps!